Monday, November 13, 2017


Being a natural dark blonde, I always wanted to have very fair hair as my natural colour is really dull and boring, so finally after years of trying a million hair colors I finally settled down and became one with my blonde hair. That has been around 4 years ago, when I finally looked myself in the mirror and told myself that I will remain blonde as it was the colour that suited me the best. 

Being blonde is also not always easy, as you always want to look/wear something that compliments your hair (and body of course), right? There are so many things that you want to keep in mind or even just learn about your hair. Luckily you’ve got me! As an experienced and well-researched blondie I will reveal a couple of secrets that will help you along your way in the blonde-journey as well as help you be the best blonde you can be!

I mean…you’ve got to rock that blonde hair!
With blonde hair, a new door opens -  a door of opportunities and learning as you will have to adapt to your ‘new life as a blonde’. Whether you are a fresh blondie or a regular customer, I’ve collected a few tips on what you could wear as a blonde - more specifically what colours are going to flatter your beautiful blond. 

You’ve guessed it right, I will never shut up about the red colour. What can I say? It flatters blondes the best and maybe just maybe if I talk about it often enough I will see more people wearing this gorgeous colour which will literally change their life? Either way, there is not much more I can say about red as I talked about it 101 times, just trust me on that one. Also, not only does red clothes suit blondes extremely well and bring out the bright colour in the hair, but it is also super trendy this season! Try wearing a red sweater paired with jeans to keep it simple or just simply rock that bold red lip!


PHOTOS BY MY TALENTED BOYFRIEND GONCALO (@GONCALITOO) and no he can’t take pictures of you

Yes yes I know, I talked about black already in my last post, however I couldn’t write this post without mentioning it. Black is a classic and goes with anything and suits everyone, that’s why it is so crucial to incorporate it in your outfits. It can be worn all alone or paired with a fun colour to make you stand out. 
PRO TIP: The combination of both red and black on blondes causes extreme danger to your surroundings as it literally leaves them in a state of shock for the rest of their lives. Yes that’s how amazing this combination is! You will most certainly #bombdotcom


Both these colors in combination with white or black compliment blondes extremely well, especially in autumn. I feel like autumn is the perfect season to wear warm toned colors and browns, as these colors mesh extremely well with the colour of the atmosphere during that time of year.

These are basically my favourite colors to play with in autumn and the fact that red is really trending this year, makes me extremely exited as it is my favourite colour. Moreover, I believe that these colours are not only perfect for autumn but every season. I hope I revealed a couple of secrets that you didn’t know.


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